Designed for collegiate and professional sports organizations or athletes looking to protect and enhance their brand, reputation and legacy. Our team of elite coaches, crisis experts, proven media specialists and former athletes can help athletes and organizations avoid or manage any imaginable challenge. 

Crisis management is in our DNA. Collectively we have over 75 years of experience, along with proven technology to help prepare, prevent and navigate emerging or active issues. While every crisis situation is different and requires a unique approach, we take a proactive position in the development and implementation of an effective plan.

  • Proactive Issues Management

  • On-Demand Crisis Counsel

  • Active & Emerging Issues Monitoring

  • Crisis Management Assessment

  • Crisis Simulation

Led by Bill Curry, our proven program helps to build character and leadership to allow athletes and organizations the opportunity to establish, sustain and/or protect their reputation. We have real-world experience that resonates from the locker room to the boardroom and we take pride in developing athletes and organizations that succeed well beyond athletics. We help build character and leadership so you can have the best shot of building your organization’s reputation and protecting it.

  • Leadership Training

  • Mentor Program

  • Leadership Policy Development

  • Leadership Program Assessment

Social and traditional media have evolved significantly over the past decade. Many see the two channels as a single platform because news is now being consumed and distributed broadly utilizing both methods simultaneously. We know how the media operates and have a successful track record of creating unique stories that connect with your brand and audience effectively.

  • Media Strategy & Development

  • Media Training

  • Media Relations & Publicity

  • Brand Visibility

We understand the value of positioning and elevating your personal brand in the digital market. We take you through a process, journey and progression to effectively establish your brand identity, messaging, audience and communication strategy.

  • Digital Audit & Analysis

  • Digital Content Strategy & Development

  • Interactive Social Media Training

  • Digital Content Management & Distribution

  • Active Social Listening & Media Intelligence

  • Social Media Policy Development